Mobile apps development

We provide solutions, not only lines of code.

We develop Android and iOS mobile apps for companies of all sizes and with various goals. Whether your application aims at selling your newest product, promote complex services or provide a free service, your objective will be ours too during the development of the application.

A module-based approach

Our solution is based on a modular approach that guarantees a highly competitive term of execution and budget for your project.

Discover the modules we provide for your mobile applications development. Feel free to contact us for any additional details or ask for a quote.

mobile app module feature

Visualize or Edit Account

Allow users access their personal app account and edit details when needed.

authentication mobile app module feature


Allow users to authenticate with credentials using a pre-existing account, by creating a new one or to change a password.

on print scan mobile app module feature

OnPrint Scan Integration

With the OnPrint Scan library integrated to the app you can scan a catalog page and retrieve products information, video, links.

statistics mobile app module feature


Powerful marketing analytics solutions for companies of all shapes and sizes. Improve the customer experience with digital analytics. Mobile apps play an increasingly important role for today’s businesses. No matter how big or how small your apps are, best-in-class app measurement capabilities within analytics can help you achieve your goals and set your business up for success.

videos archive mobile app module feature

Videos Archive

Presenting your videos list in a customizable way.

ambiances mobile app module feature


Presenting some design and arrangements in a very stylish way and also retrieving your products in the images, allowing direct access to them.

scan module mobile app module feature

Scan Module

It offers the possibility to scan (with any device camera) barcodes or QR codes and retrieve different informations, video, links.

catalogue list presentation mobile app module feature

Catalogues List Presentation

Presenting you catalogues in a fully customized and attractive way.

dynamic home view mobile app module feature

Dynamic Home View

The application landing screen can be fully customizable from outside the application by our management platform.

touch id mobile app module feature

Touch ID

Improve your user experience by allowing them to use their fingerprints for authentication.

3d touch ios mobile app module feature

3D Touch (iOS feature)

Allow your clients to have direct access to different points of your application by force touch on your application icon. Allow clients to preview information by force touch on different elements in the application.

widgets mobile app module feature


Allow your clients to have direct access to different points of your application and be all the time updated with some interesting information by widgets.

newsletter mobile app module feature


Allow your clients to subscribe to a regularly distributed information from your brand.

payment mobile app module feature


It allows payment with credit or debit cards, transfers, checks, using purchase vouchers and so on for a more pleasant and fast experience in placing orders from the app.

second load mobile app module feature

Second Load

The second load page is presented before entering your application. Il allows you to display some informations like an offer or coupon, and also can be updated regularly.

product details mobile app module feature

Product details

Product detail driven by real-time information: price, availability and more. The module offers you the possibility to share a product via e-mail or via a social network. Product zoom full screen (depending on the resources). Select item size, color or quantity in real time. Confirmation of adding a product in cart.

multilingual mobile app module feature

Multilingual Application

The language management can be done in 2 ways: automatic detection of the device language or manual selection in the app. All the application content is adapted to the chosen language.

management platform content hosting mobile app module feature

Management Platform and Content Hosting

Personally manage the content of your apps via our web platform: the presence of the catalogue, second load, push notifications, statistics … The content of your app can be hosted either on your servers, having complete autonomy regarding updates to your app or on our servers if you do not want to manage updates.

inspirational wall mobile app module feature

Inspirational Wall

Magnify your contents via of the inspiration wall. You are hereby invited to travel and discover via touch-screen and infinite browsing of a video wall: ideal for rendering a brand’s spirit, presenting a collection, discovering each and any of your unsuspected treasures. With the wall inspirations, ideas have no limit.

notifications mobile app module feature


Reach your users via notifications. Our Push infrastructure allows you to contact your app’s users via notifications.

lookbook mobile app module feature


Ideal for showcasing trends and letting your imagination run free. In the fashion industry or design it is highly important to particularly promote your products from far and wide, browse through photos extremely successful for a new shopping experience. Hotspots allow displaying events and boost sales.

shopping list mobile app module feature

Shopping List

It will be the ideal partner for your mobile sales staff within B2B. This is not an online transaction, but consulting a shopping list that will be subsequently processed by your in-house divisions.

ordering purchase mobile app module feature

Integrated ordering

Utmost refinement, your ordering process is entirely achieved natively within the application. For complete user-experience continuity, your ordering process is entirely achieved natively since the creation of the shopping cart until the transaction’s completion.

online order mobile app module feature

Online Order

Specifically designed for devices, we develop an interface between the ordering process on your website and your application. E-commerce enhanced at your fingertips: your application becomes harmoniously integrated with your current tools, without initiating any recreation of your ordering process.

shop mobile app module feature


Ordering at your fingertips for a touchscreen shopping experience. Integrated E-commerce functionality: intuitive, fast and 100% pleasure. Online shopping has never been so easy. All your products are easy to reach on account of a sorting by Department / Families / Categories that you can control.

video mobile app module feature


Revitalize your application with full-screen videos. Videos are easy to reach from the app’s contents, but also contextual videos related to the catalogue module page using a fully customizable “hotspot”. This module can manage multiple themes and entries, as well. All of these are fully dynamic and managed by yourself (requiring no update on App Store or Google Play).

store locator mobile app module feature

Store Locator

Points of sale, business offices, locations… The whole practical wealth of plans on your device. Mapping of the actual location, postal code, city, fact sheets, events, customized photos, access plan, but also itinerary. All of these are fully dynamic and managed by yourself (requiring no update on App Store or Google Play).

catalogue hotspots mobile app module feature

Catalogue Hotspots

Ideally combined with the catalogue, hotspots signal and trigger events, by one single tap. Events like: video, slideshow, external link, go to different pages, documents, but additionally and above all adding to cart.

catalogue mobile app module feature


The module adds to your app the mobile version your online publication. This can be multilingual and multi-publication: catalogue, reports, flyers, magazines or brochures. It will benefit from the entire touch screen technology: zoom pinch in, pinch out, double tap, swipe etc. Moreover it can include a search engine, slideshow viewer, content “Picker”, sharing on E-mail or Social Platforms, help zone and personal notes. All of these are fully dynamic and managed by yourself (requiring no update on App Store or Google Play).


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